Process of Selling Your Car

3 Steps To Get Highest Price

Fill Up Quotation Form

Give us details about your car. We need to know what we are quoting for. As many details as possible will be good. Also, for a better offer, let us know the highest offer you have received so far. So we can match or counter it.

Full Settlement & Transfer

We will handle all the transfer and full settlement. If you are selling to our dealer directly, this process is straightforward. If it is via consignment, we will handle the buyer's loan, the full settlement of your car loan and the transfer of car process in LTA.

Successfully Sell Your Car

Without much hassle, we will help you sell your car fast! Congrats! Now, it doesn't end here. If you are looking for a new car, let us know, we do have special deals for you. Let us know what car you are looking for and we will source it for you. Free of charge.