The pandemic has changed the way of interaction with people. Wear a mask, keeping safe distancing, and staying at home are the few measures for people to avoid contamination. During this time, it is tough to sell your used car within few days.

sell my car during covid

You have to choose the correct option. Meeting with the dealers and provide documents to make the process work. Also, there is an inspection and car valuation process that will help to know the accurate price of the vehicle.

It is not always possible for you to get out from home and freely meet the dealers to get the price quotation randomly. You have to take some measures due to Covid-19. The restriction is slowly going away, but some are still there. So, be careful while selling your used vehicle.

The vital part is you need to sell your used car. You want to do it fast. Many options like dealers, consignment agents, individual buyers, and online sites will guide you. Among these options, you have to find out the most convenient way you can use it.

Steps to selling your used car

Here are few steps that how you can sell your used vehicle during pandemic .

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Choose the right option for selling your used car


In this pandemic time, it is essential to choose the correct option to sell your used vehicle. According to the situation, you can go for the online option. It is suitable and convenient as there is zero contact. You can choose reputed car selling sites to sell your car. Many dealers also provide online facilities to guide the owners to sell their used cars online. It is hassle-free and less time-consuming.

All you have to do is upload the documents and photos of your used vehicle on their website for the verification process. They will get in touch with you. With the help of online auctions and higher bidding, you will get a better price for your used vehicle. I prefer this option to sell my used car. The car traders will also take care of the paperwork and ownership transfer.


Clean your used car

So, you have already made your mind. Now you need to clean your used vehicle to provide the buyer a safety inspection. It will reduce the chances of contamination. You have to be responsible and clean your car before selling.

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In any car selling process, either the dealer or the buyer will inspect the used car. It is necessary to provide maximum safety while selling your vehicle.


Take safety precautions

It is essential to take precautions while selling the used vehicle. For this, you need to keep your car interiors clean. The buyer and car traders will come to see the used vehicle before providing the final price. You can use sanitizer, wear a mask always and keep your distance from them to reduce the chances of getting exposed to the virus.

Avoid touching the car surface with a bare hand

Before and after inspection, you need to clean the vehicle with sanitizer. There are few touchpoints like car keys, steering wheel, car doors, handlebars, etc. You can also keep the necessary documents separate in a box for the buyer to check. This safety measure will help avoid the virus.


Keep safe distance

We know the Coronavirus can spread from person to person. So, it is vital to keep safe distancing from the buyer and dealers while inspecting the vehicle. Give them little space to carry on with the inspection processes. You have to avoid physical contact like shaking hands to stay safe. In this way, you and the buyer can be safe while making the deal. You can comfortably sell your used vehicle by keeping few things in mind.


You may prefer other options like visiting the dealers, consignment agents, and individual buyers. Before selling your vehicle, take a little bit of your time to assemble your documents to provide a safety inspection to the buyer. It will help them to stay comfortable, and you can get better value for your used vehicle. I found the online car selling sites comfortable. I prefer to sell my car online.

You can also choose this option and find reputed dealers online. They can surely help you to sell your used vehicle faster and at a higher price.

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